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Jerry Schwartz Stylist

  • Halo Top - Fall is Back -
  • Halo Top - Pumpkin Pie -
  • Warber Parker Kidds -
  • Warby Parker Kidds -

Jerry Schwartz

Born in the Bronx. Childhood formed by an obsession with dioramas and a love for the Museum of Natural History. Got a journalism degree at NYU. Paris called after college. Shelved journalism and wrote postcards instead. Stayed in the City of Light for six years and fell into fashion. Moved back to New York to make large scale dioramas and began a career in set design. Dioramas aside, he thanks his journalism studies for making him an acute observer of culture, inspiration, and visual details that lend to his craft. Feels most comfortable collaborating and entering a new world each day. Has been called on to create everything from ice caves to mini paper cities. Media agnostic and works in everything from kraft paper to cashmere, and from chic to cheap. He spreads his unique point of view not only in his set design and installation work, but also as an art director, illustrator, stop motioneer, and paper artist.