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Yasu + Junko Photographer / Director Duo

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Yasu + Junko

Conceptual still life photography duo Yasu + Junko had a big year in 2012, landing the highly coveted PDN 30 award—a prize well earned after many years of honing their craft both together and separately.

Both Yasu and Junko are originally from Japan. Yasu came to photography early on, starting as an amateur field reporter in elementary school, snapping pictures of his friends and family. Junko, however, did not find herself in a photo studio until age 24, when she began working for still life photographer Kanji Ishii.

Soon the two met, and began working together, building an impressive client list that includes Brides, Martha Stewart Living, Whole Living, Real Simple, and Neiman Marcus. They won a 2010 SPD annual award in fashion/beauty, and say they are always striving to convey that perfect mood through a still image.



Working as a team with another photographer can be complicated, but Yasu + Junko use it to their advantage—things always get done in a democratic way, and inflated egos are quickly dismissed. They are also meticulous in their shoot planning—they consider preparation the most important part of the process.

The two have honed their process, learning to pace themselves and expect the unexpected.

Yasu + Junko are always striving to heighten their visual and audio senses. When not shooting, Yasu is watching movies, listening to music, and environmental sounds. Junko loves love movies, hiking and antiquing.

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