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Anna Wolf


Photographer Anna Wolf was born in Santa Monica, and the sun, surf and beautiful western light is a clear influence in all of her work. An early photography convert, Wolf worked for her high school newspaper and yearbook before graduating from Art Center College of design.

“Once I decided to pursue photography, “ says Wolf, “I was fully dedicated. There wasn't really the option of doing it halfway, I think that's just part of my personality.”

Wolf makes lifestyle images that feel like fashion, and fashion images that feel like lifestyle, which is a hard line to walk—when it’s done well, it feels natural, playful, romantic and engaging. Her unique style has lent itself to editorial and advertising work for clients including T Style Magazine, Lucky Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Fossil, Steven Alan, Target, Toyota, and Microsoft.

One early memorable shoot found Wolf in Oregon for Urban Outfitters with a crew of nine people. The experience, which included ping pong, night swimming, and bonfires on the beach, suited Wolf’s way of working exactly, which is to dream up an alternate reality, and to make it real.

Wolf is excited to see her work evolving motion and has collaboratedwith other artists and illustrators. In many ways, Wolf’s life imitates her art—she lives in a Brooklyn brownstone with her boyfriend and Airedale,  named Bass, and loves to entertain, cook, and hang with friends.

Because she still has family on the west coast, Wolf thinks of both coasts as home, and jokes that she must have been a Latina in her past life, what with her love of Mexican food, culture, and the Spanish language. In her next life, Wolf will spend her time on the beach surfing, but for now, she’s thrilled to do what she does.

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