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Way With Words featuring Christine Mottau

Thursday, March 29th, was the reception for prop stylist and art director, Christine Mottau, who was showing a year’s work of her floral drawings and paper sculptures, titled “Imaginary Floreo”. The turnout for Christine’s show was at high volume and the work received stellar reviews. We got the chance to catch up with Christine during the show to fill us in on her creative process.
On the concept that is Imaginary Floreo: 

“The concept of the show is based on imaginary flowers which I began drawing as a byproduct of the cold winter in 2011.  I thought of how we were here in the northeast, and unlike the gorgeous winter we had this year, the winter in 2011 was horrendous.  What started as just doodles, developed into elaborate drawings that evolved into the idea of creating this fantasy garden. 

Inspired by paper artists, I started making paper flowers and over time they became completely divergent and something other than what I had seen before.  After a while, the drawings I was making informed the paper sculpture as I became aware of the sense and the quality of the lines. They ultimately integrated with each other and became what you see now, "Imaginary Floreo.”

 On her mental preparation for working on three-dimensional pieces for the first time:

“To me, it was like any day in the studio. You have to make this type of stuff when you are shooting for clients at times, so I got to use my shoots as a way to prepare myself to construct these pieces.  One in particular that helped was a job where I had to create these paper flowers, so I just took the task and tackled it; I just figured it all out as I went along.  The process of making each flower in the beginning took about 2 hours it seems, but as I just kept creating, time went by in a flash. I gave myself a year to do this because I knew it would be tough, but as I got the hang of it and the closer the deadline came, the quicker my output was.”

On Combining Mediums:

“Well I was really interested in the paper art, and I couldn’t figure out a way to integrate them to be showcased on a wall as one, so I just decided to do them both together. This is the first time that I’ve ever done a show that wasn’t the same medium, but the subject is so cohesive, that combining them was inevitable. Again, it is all about the lines.”

Why Floral Images?:

“It was just something that I needed that represents the idea of being joyful; being all about spring. That’s all it is. Spring is the ultimate inspiration.”

Christine’s show is on view at Ceres Gallery from March 27th 2012 and runs until April 21st. Be sure to stop by and visit these stunning masterpieces.


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