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Christine Mottau Presents: Birdy City

Prop Stylist and Art Director, Christine Mottau, has launched a website that features a collection of art, objects, and accessories that she has handpicked and procured from around the globe, ready to purchase and to spruce up your home! Below is a statement and some info on her new project, Birdy City:

Birdy City ( a collection of beautiful objects for the discerning few, will open online November 1, 2011. Created by Christine Mottau, the Birdy City Home Collection consists of art, objects, and accessories that she has handpicked and procured from around the globe.  As the still-life stylist for luxury brands including Mercedes-Benz, Bergdorf Goodman, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein Home, and publications including Vogue, GQ, Departures, Harper’s Bazaar and The New York Times Magazine, Mottau and her collection reflects the sensibility of one of New York’s premier taste makers. 

“The pieces aren’t necessarily elitist or expensive but they are all remarkable,” says Mottau, who believes that objects rooted in simple, organic shapes can be luxurious without being opulent. “You won’t find these things in the department stores. Maybe you’d stumble upon some in the Paris Flea Market but you’d have to spend years walking the aisles, as I have done.”

Objects are modern, timeless, and a bit of bohemian luxe. “There’s an African trade basket woven from wire that, from a distance, looks deceptively simple, but when you get close you see it’s made with the intricacy and detail of a master.” On the other end of the aesthetic spectrum is a solid crystal log, stamped with a faux boit natural finish. “It’s life-size, to scale,” notes Mottau. “It’s extravagant, maybe even fabulous, and it’s not for everyone -- and that’s the point. The person who eventually owns it will absolutely love it.”

Christine grew up in Greenwich Village, NYC, in a family of artists and musicians who encouraged her creative interests. As a girl she was decorating her dollhouses, rearranging the furniture in her bedroom, and creating vignettes around the house. In college, she studied painting at the Art Institute of Boston under renowned artist Nathan Goldstein. Today, her paintings and drawings are shown at Ceres Gallery in NYC.

The site was named after Mottau’s 14-year-old Cairn terrier, a dog that “reminds me that no matter how chic and elegant, a comfortable home full of love and beauty is where we all want to be.”

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